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In most cases our pool services actually save you money!

The pool cleaning company Hope Island residents can trust and rely on! Whether you have a dirty green pool, in need of equipment repairs or would just like to have your pool maintained to look good year round, we’ve got you covered!

Hope Island pool cleaning and maintenance expert.

Pool Cleaning Services For Your Pool In Hope Island

Gold Coast Pool Cleaning For All Your Pool Needs In Hope Island

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Which pool service do you require?

Need A Pool Cleaning Expert In Hope Island?

Hope Island pool cleaning is just one of the specialised services we provide to the local Gold Coast community. Our experienced pool technicians have a wide range of knowledge and understanding when it comes to all pool cleaning and maintenance needs as well as supplying equipment and chemicals if needed. 

We service and clean residential home pools to large resort and lagoon style retreats. Whatever pool service you need and  with over 30 years expert experience in the area, our Hope Island pool cleaning services will have your swimming  pool in tip top condition in no time and at more than affordable rates. Try our Pool Quote Tool and find out for yourself! There’s a reason why we are the trusted name when it comes to pool cleaning in Hope Island.

Pool Water Balance

Water Test, Balance & Equipment Check. Keeps your water safe & clear
$ 35
Best Price
  • Call out fee included - No surprises
  • Water Test & Balance
  • Equipment Check & Tune
  • Sanitation & Equipment Report
  • Pool Clean - Surface -Tiles - Walls
  • Pool Vacuum - Walls -Steps - Floor

Pool Clean

Ruby clean is the best choice if your pool floor has no built up debris & dirt
$ 57
Best Price
  • Call out fee included - No surprises
  • Water Test & Balance
  • Equipment Check & Tune
  • Sanitation & Equipment Report
  • Pool Clean - Surface -Tiles - Walls
  • Pool Vacuum - Walls -Steps - Floor

Pool Clean

Diamond is the best choice for leaf & dirt debris on the bottom of your pool
$ 68
Best Price
  • Call out fee included - No surprises
  • Water Test & Balance
  • Equipment Check & Tune
  • Sanitation & Equipment Report
  • Pool Clean - Surface -Tiles - Walls
  • Pool Vacuum - Walls -Steps - Floor

Pool Cleaning Service In Hope Island

Gold Coast Pool Cleaning specialise in providing pool cleaning services, customised to the unique needs of Hope Island pool owners. Our experienced pool technicians are equipped with the latest tools and expertise to ensure your pool remains crystal clear, clean and safe for you and your family all year round.

Our Hope Island pool cleaning services include:

  • Brushing Tile bands & Steps
  • Vacuuming Pool
  • Scoop Pool & Remove Debris
  • Clean All Baskets
  • Clean Chlorinator Cell
  • Backwash and or Clan Cartridge Filters
  • Test & Balance Water
  • Grease O-rings
  • Check Timer & Adjust As Required
  • Inspect Pool Equipment 
  • Check For Safety Issues

We can tailor any service to your needs and there are no jobs too big or small. Our professional pool technicians are always cleaning Hope Island pools meaning we are always close by to help with your swimming pool needs. So give us a call or ideally try our Pool Quote Tool and get yourself a no obligation free quote now!

All Pool Cleaning Services We Provide For Hope Island

Hope Island
Hope Island

Emergency & Other Pool Services For The Hope Island Area

We also provide the following services in the case of emergencies or other accidental or emergency breakdowns:

Emergency Pool Cleaning For Hope Island, Hope Island Holiday Rental Pool Cleaning, Pool Party Clean Ups Pre & Post, Storm Damage Pool Cleaning, Pool Sanitation Cleaning, Pool Plumbing & System Blockages, Draining & Refilling Of Pool Water, All Swimming Pool Repairs, Accidental Spillages,  Emergency Equipment Repairs, Broken Glass Removal, Health Concerns Clean & Audit.

Green Pool Cleaning In Hope Island

Our green pool cleaning experts in Hope Island are always on standby and are just a call away from taking that pool from a green to clean. We have solutions to bring your pool back to a crystal clear and safe condition in no time. 

We go beyond treating the symptons of your green pool, we target the cause of the problem which may of come from filtration, pump or water chemistry and rectify any issues to prevent a repeat in the future.

Green pools can be fixed quick and safely with the right knowledge and experience. Our team will have your pool looking like a sparkling oasis in Hope Island after we are done! 


Hope Island Pool Maintenance

With our Hope Island pool maintenance services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pool will be in top condition all year round.

Regular maintenance is the way to protect your pool from health and safety issues as well as preventing damage to your pools walls and floor as well as the pool pump and equipment. Water circulation is key to keeping a healthy pool and regular maintenance ensures things keep working as they should 

Maintaining your pool is not only cost effective but it saves you money in the long run. Try our Hope Island Pool Cleaning Quote Tool and let us show you how maintaining your pool in most cases actually can save you money. You have nothing to lose Try it Now!

Find out why

Gold Coast Pool Cleaning is the most trusted in Hope Island

Hope Island pool cleaning and maintenance expert.

Hope Island Pool Cleaning Cost

Pool cleaning costs in Hope Island as well as every other Gold Coast suburb will vary dependant on the pools condition. We customise pool cleaning quotes to suit your requirements which means you only pay for what you need. If your pool in Hope Island has clear water and just needs a vacuum and water balance, then the cleaning service is going to be very different to the same pool down the street that is green and full of debris and algae.

Whichever the scenario the best way to cost your pool clean is to either give us a call on 07 5619 8000 or try our online Pool Quote Tool which will ask a few questions, it’s quick, easy, obligation free and you will get a customised quote for your pool cleaning service in Hope Island.

Hope Island Pool Shop

We are your local pool shop in Hope Island. We are onsite and always nearby to deliver you any pool supplies you may need. We supply the Hope Island area with pool salt, pool chemicals, spare parts, new pumps and filters and best of all we can also install parts, test your water and clean your pool all with one phone call. 

No need to get in the car shop around on a hot sunny day to be dissapointed and frustrated at the end. Our service vehicles in Hope Island have a vast amount of stock onboard or back at our local warehouse. We can have it all supplied, delivered and installed if necessary and have your pool, tip top and ready for you to enjoy the rest of your day. 

Call us on 07 5619 8000 or send us a message and we will be more than happy to help you out.

Pool Shop Products We Deliver & Install For Hope Island

GCPC Helping Make Memories

Explore our video showcasing how we create lasting memories, whether it’s enjoying sunny days, promoting health and wellbeing or participating in water sports and competitions. It’s the reason Gold Coast Pool Cleaning stands out as the most trusted and preferred choice for pool cleaning in Hope Island.

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Gold Coast Pool Cleaning Are Located & Operate In Hope Island - QLD - 4212

At Gold Coast Pool Cleaning we are always close by to service your swimming pool needs in Hope Island for pool cleaning, maintenance, installation, sales and repairs. You can count on us for servicing pools near you typically in the following areas:

Activa Way
Akoonah Street
Anchorage Terrace
Argyle Court
Arnold Palmer Drive
Artists Lane
Augusta Drive
Azure Way
Babirra Street
Ballybunyon Crescent
Banksia Lakes Drive
Bay Hill Terrace
Bayside Close
Bayview Walk
Beaufort Way
Beechwood Drive
Belmont Court East
Belmont Court West
Berkshire Crescent
Birkdale Terrace
Bolsena Circuit
Booran Street
Boykambil Esplanade
Boykambil Esplanade North
Boykambil Esplanade South
Broadwater Avenue
Broken Hills Drive
Buddeh Street
Buliti Street
Calardo Avenue
Carlton Close
Carlton Drive
Caseys Road
Chindrina Street
Clearwater Crescent
Coombe Avenue
Cova Boulevarde
Coveside Lane
Crescent Avenue
Cressbrook Drive
Dunnes Avenue
Edgecliff Drive
Eingana Street
Ellensbrook Drive
Fairway Boulevarde
Fernlea Close
Ferny Lane
Flybridge Way
Forest Hills Drive
Galley Road
Garda Avenue
Gleneagles Drive
Glengallon Way
Gowrie Way
Gracemere Circuit
Gracemere Circuit East
Gracemere Circuit North
Gracemere Circuit West
Gracemere Drive
Gracemere Gardens Circuit
Gracemere Gardens Court
Grant Avenue
Halcyon Way
Harbour Rise
Harbour Terrace
Helensvale Road
Hillcrest Place
Hillside Walk
Hope Island Road
Iragana Street
Iridium Drive
Jingella Street
John Lund Drive
Key Waters
Keyside Close
Killymoon Drive
Lanyon Way
Leeside Place
Lucerne Circuit
Lugano Drive
Lugano Drive East
Magnolia Drive East
Magnolia Drive West
Magnolia Gardens Court
Manor Circle
Marina Quays Boulevarde
Marine Drive
Marine Drive East
Marine Drive North
Marine Drive West
Mariner Avenue
Masthead Way
Merion Terrace
Mervyn Thomas Drive
Muirfield Place
Mungala Street
Murten Court
Nelson Avenue
Observation Crescent
Olympic Drive
Osmium Lane
Oxenford Southport Road
Palladium Boulevarde
Pavilions Close
Pavilions Place
Pebble Lane
Pendraat Parade
Peter Senior Drive
Phoenix Palms Drive
Pinnaroo Street
Pool Street
Rhodium Crescent
Rialto Quay Drive
Richmond Court
Riverdale Court
Riverdale Drive
Riverleigh Drive
Riverside Drive
Riverview Crescent
Rosebank Way
Rosebank Way West
Ruthenium Court
Santa Barbara Road
Sheehan Avenue
Shinnecock Close
Shoe Street
Sickle Avenue
Spinnaker Way
Springfield Drive
Spyglass Hill
St Andrews Terrace
Starry Place
Stillwater Court
Sylvan Lane
Taromeo Court
The Address
The Circle
The Estate
The Lakes Drive
The Masters Enclave
The Palladian Drive
The Parkway
Timber View Court
Trasimeno Avenue
Trinity Crescent
Turnberry Terrace
Unnamed Road
Vardon Lane
Vico Avenue
Virginia Drive
Windward Court
Wylarah Way
Yanderra Close

Hope Island Pool Cleaning
Phone: 07 5619 8000
Address: Hope Island Qld 4212
Email: Hope Island@goldcoastpoolcleaning.com.au

Hope Island Pool Cleaning Reviews

By far the best pool care in Hope Island

Hope Island
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We have Gold Coast Pool Cleaning, clean our pool every 3 weeks. We are extremely happy with their service and definitely recommend them.
Hope Island
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Been using Gold Coast Pool Cleaning for years. We have recommended them many times. Reliable and trustworthy people.
Hope Island
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We have just recently installed a pool heating system and were very impressed with the neat installation and lovely service.
Hope Island
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Very polite and always on time. I recommend Gold Coast Pool Cleaning maintenance service.
Hope Island
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Lovely people to deal with, we have had our pool and spa maintained by Gold Coast pool Cleaning for years.
Hope Island
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We have several properties and all the pools are maintained by Gold Coast Pool Cleaning. We leave it in their hands and we have no issues to worry about. Great service. Bravo!

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Goldie's Hope Island Review

Goldie Poolmans Take On The Hope Island Area.

G’day mates! Let me spin you a yarn about Hope Island, a ripper spot nestled on the glorious Gold Coast in sunny Queensland, Australia. Picture this: pristine waterways winding through a lush landscape, where the air is as clean as a dingo’s conscience. Hope Island is a fair dinkum gem, offering a laid back lifestyle with a touch of luxury.

Now, when it comes to keeping your backyard oasis in top notch shape, look no further than Gold Coast Pool Cleaning. These legends have been the go to pool gurus for yonks, servicing the locals with true blue dedication. They’re not just your average pool cleaners they’re the creme de la creme, the bee’s knees of the pool cleaning game.

Why are they the top dogs, you ask? Well, it’s as clear as the waters of the Coral Sea. Gold Coast Pool Cleaning isn’t just about skimming the surface they dive deep to make sure your pool is as pristine as a kangaroo’s pouch. With years of experience under their belt, they’ve mastered the art of turning murky pools into crystal clear havens faster than you can say “g’day mate.”

These blokes don’t muck about. They’ve got the latest gear and know all the tricks of the trade to keep your pool water sparkling like the Southern Cross on a clear night. They reckon maintenance is the key and regular check ups are as important as throwing a snag on the barbie. So, do yourself a favor and chuck Gold Coast Pool Cleaning on speed dial. You never know when a spontaneous arvo barbie might lead to a pool party and you want your blue beaut to be ready for action.

Mate, it’s not just about cleaning it’s about the peace of mind knowing that your pool is in the hands of true blue Aussie professionals. Gold Coast Pool Cleaning isn’t just a service it’s a commitment to keeping your slice of paradise in tip top shape.

So, whether you’re a true blue local or a newcomer to Hope Island, remember this, When it comes to pool care, Gold Coast Pool Cleaning is the fair dinkum choice. Give ’em a bell and let the good times flow, just like the waves on Surfers Paradise. Cheers, and happy swimming!

Hope Island

Fair Dinkum Facts

Hope Island: Where Sun, Sea, and Aussie Vibes Unite!

G’day, mates! Welcome to Hope Island, the jewel of the northern Gold Coast, where the sun shines bright and the vibes are as Aussie as a barbie on the beach. Let’s dive into the ripper details that make Hope Island a true coastal paradise!

Suburb Snapshot:
With a population of 11,186 legends, Hope Island proudly stands as a suburb in the City of Gold Coast, Queensland. But hold onto your hats, there’s more to this place than meets the eye!

Towns with Character:
Hope Island isn’t just a one trick pony, it’s got three distinctive towns within its borders, each born out of a real estate dream:

– Sanctuary Cove: A fancy gated community up north, where privacy meets luxury.
– Boykambil: Hanging out in the east, this town has a story to tell and it’s all about real estate.
– Santa Barbara: Living the dream in the west, Santa Barbara adds a touch of charm to Hope Island’s coastal flair.

Geography Lesson with a View:
Nestled on the northern Gold Coast, Hope Island is surrounded by nature’s wonders. With the Coomera River cradling its western, north western and northern edges and Saltwater Creek giving a nod to the south west, this place is a geographical masterpiece. Hope Harbour, on the east side, is the local hotspot for boating adventures.

History: From Indigenous Roots to Sugar Kings:
Once known as Boykambil in Indigenous tongues, Hope Island got its European touch when Captain Louis Hope, a sugar industry legend, was granted the land in 1867. While Hope himself preferred the breezy outskirts of Moreton Bay, his legacy lives on in this coastal haven.

No Books, Just Beach:
Hope Island might not be schooling central, but fear not, mates! Coomera and Coombabah have got your little legends covered in the education department.

Marinas, Markets and More:
Hope Island is a marina paradise with spots like Hope Harbour, Hope Island Resort Marina and Sanctuary Cove Marina, offering boat enthusiasts their own slice of heaven. But it’s not all about boats Hope Island rocks shops, restaurants and three golf courses for the golf aficionados.

Sports and Recreation for Days:
With parks like Robert Dalley Park and the legendary Pat Cash Tennis Academy, Hope Island is where the action happens and let’s not forget the golf courses, Palms Golf Course, Sanctuary Cove Golf & Country Club and Hope Island Golf Course where every swing is a stroke of genius.

Shopping, Dining, and Island Vibes:
Hope Island Marina Shopping Village is the go to spot for retail therapy and waterfront dining. From Coles to quirky boutiques, this tropical style hub has it all and the recent buggy path? It’s like a red carpet between Hope Island Resort and Sanctuary Cove, bringing the community together.

Hope Island Resort: Where Luxury Meets Lifestyle:
A significant chunk of Hope Island is home to the Hope Island Resort, a gated community with all the bells and whistles marina, half Olympic pool, golf course, tennis courts and 24-hour security. Links Hope Island, part of the resort, boasts an 18 hole championship course designed by none other than the five time British Open champion, Peter Thomson.

So there you have it, mates! Hope Island where coastal dreams come true, and every day feels like a barbie on the beach. Cheers to sunny days, ocean waves, and the laid back Aussie life!