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Pool cleaners, including vacuums and robotic models are crucial for maintaining pristine pool conditions year round. Traditional vacuums use suction power to remove debris manually or automatically, while robotic cleaners employ advanced automation to navigate and clean pool surfaces. Both options efficiently eliminate dirt, leaves and algae from pool floors, walls and waterlines. Robotic cleaners offer additional benefits such as programmable schedules and remote control operation. With these pool cleaning tools at hand, owners can enjoy crystal clear water without the hassle of manual cleaning, ensuring a refreshing swimming experience for all. If you require help choosing the right pool cleaner for you, contact  our pool shop or call us on 07 56198000

Our pool pump range include single speed and eco friendly models. Our single speed pumps offer reliable power for efficient circulation, ensuring optimal water flow and filtration. For eco conscious pool owners, our eco pumps are the perfect choice, delivering energy savings without compromising performance. Whether you prioritise power or sustainability our pool pumps are designed to meet your needs. Trust in our expertise to help you select the ideal pump for your pool, delivering exceptional performance and peace of mind season after season. Need help? Call our pool shop on 07 56198000 or contact us for the right pump for your need.

Looking for a saltwater pool chlorinator? Our pool shop supply, deliver and install the best state of the art products to produce and regulate chlorine levels, ensuring crystal clear water and a healthy swimming environment. Designed for convenience our chlorinators automate the chlorination process, saving you time and effort. With precision control and reliable performance, you can trust our pool chlorinators to maintain optimal sanitation levels in your pool, allowing you to relax and enjoy the water worry free. Say goodbye to manual dosing and hello to hassle free pool care with our top of the line chlorinators.
For help choosing the right one for you, contact Gold Coast Pool Cleaning on 07 56198000 or use our contact form here and we will be more than happy to help.

Our high quality pool filters are available in sand and cartridge options. Designed for optimal water clarity and purity. Our pool filters efficiently remove debris, dirt and impurities to keep your pool pristine. The sand filters offer robust filtration capabilities, effectively trapping particles for crystal clear water. Meanwhile, our cartridge filters provide superior filtration with replaceable cartridges that capture even the smallest contaminants. With durable construction and easy maintenance, our filters ensure hassle free operation, so you can enjoy a clean and refreshing swimming experience all season long. Trust in our filters to keep your pool water sparkling and inviting. Call our pool shop on 07 56198000 or contact us here.

Our pool shop range of premium pool chemicals are specially formulated for efficiency and safety. Our chemicals balance pH levels, control algae and sanitize water effectively. Whether you need chlorine tablets, shock treatments, or pH balancers, our products ensure pristine water quality and a healthy swimming environment. Easy to use and long lasting, our pool chemicals are essential for maintaining clear, sparkling water and preventing algae growth. With our trusted brands, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your pool is clean, safe and ready for endless hours of aquatic enjoyment.

Illuminate your pool with brilliance using our versatile pool lights, available in both traditional and LED options. Traditional pool lights offer timeless elegance and reliable performance, casting a warm glow across your aquatic sanctuary. Meanwhile, our LED pool lights provide energy efficiency and vibrant colors, allowing you to create mesmerising light displays and set the perfect ambiance for evening swims. With easy installation and long lasting durability, our pool lights enhance both the aesthetic appeal and safety of your pool area. Illuminate your nights and elevate your pool experience with our premium selection of pool lights, designed to dazzle and delight.

Swim year round with our cutting edge pool heating solutions. Our pool heaters ensure optimal water temperature regardless of the weather, extending your swimming season and maximizing enjoyment. With options including gas, electric and solar heaters, we cater to every preference and budget. Enjoy quick and efficient heating with gas heaters, eco friendly operation with solar heaters or the convenient energy saving features with electric heaters. Our heaters are designed for easy installation and reliable performance, providing warmth and comfort for your pool whenever you desire. Dive into luxurious warmth and endless aquatic pleasure with our top of the line pool heating systems.

Transform your pool into a sanctuary of relaxation and rejuvenation with our premium pool mineral salts. Specially formulated to enhance your swimming experience, these mineral salts infuse your pool water with revitalising minerals, promoting skin health and soothing sore muscles. Crafted for purity and effectiveness, our mineral salts provide a gentle and natural alternative to traditional pool chemicals, ensuring a gentle and luxurious swim every time. With their easy application and long lasting benefits, our pool mineral salts offer a holistic approach to pool maintenance, creating a tranquil oasis for you to unwind and recharge amidst the refreshing waters. Contact us to see how easy it is to transform your pool.

Keep your pool running smoothly with our comprehensive selection of pool spare parts. From pumps and filters to cleaners and heaters, we stock a wide range of high quality replacement parts to ensure your pool equipment stays in top condition. With genuine parts from leading brands, you can trust in their durability and compatibility, minimizing downtime and maximizing performance. Whether you need a replacement impeller, o ring, or valve, our extensive inventory has you covered. Trust us to provide the right spare parts to keep your pool operational and enjoyable, allowing you to dive back into relaxation without delay.

Elevate your poolside experience with our diverse range of pool accessories. From practical essentials to luxurious additions, we offer everything you need to enhance your enjoyment of the water. Dive into relaxation with comfortable loungers and floats, or add excitement with inflatable games and toys for the whole family. Ensure safety and convenience with pool covers, steps and ladders. Illuminate your evenings with stylish lighting options and set the mood with decorative accents. With our extensive selection of high quality accessories, you can create a personalised oasis that reflects your style and maximizes fun in and around the pool.