Spa Electrics LED Retro Pool Light – RGB

Transform your pool nights with the Spa Electrics Retro Series LED Pool Light – RETRO GKRX RGB. Effortless installation meets high performance LED technology for instant pool ambiance enhancement. Featuring GKRX SERIES MULTI PLUS and iRIS compatibility, replace major brand lights effortlessly. Operates on 12 -32v AC, available in Blue, White, TRi, or MULTI PLUS. Direct Connect Patented Detachable Electrical Connection ensures safety. Upgrade to LED in 15 minutes with no electrician needed. Designed and made in Australia, trust in its quality. Enjoy dazzling colors and captivating light shows, backed by a 12-month warranty. Discover the simplicity and brilliance of the Retro Series today.

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Spa Electrics LED Retro Pool Light – RGB

Spa Electrics Retro Series LED Pool Light – RETRO GKRX RGB

Introducing the Spa Electrics Retro Series LED Pool Light – RETRO GKRX RGB, your ultimate solution for pool illumination. Elevate your pool experience this summer with seamless installation and cutting-edge LED technology, instantly enhancing your pool’s ambiance and allure.

Key Features:
– GKRX SERIES MULTI PLUS: Now at your disposal.
– iRIS Compatible: Effortlessly syncs with iRIS lighting controllers for intuitive management.
– High Intensity Ceramic Light Engine (LED) Technology: Delivers dazzling brightness and energy efficiency.
– Compatible with Major Brands: Versatile replacement for all major pool light brands.
– Operates on 12~32v AC: Compatible with a broad range of transformers.
– Available in Various Colors: Choose from Blue, White, TRi, or MULTI PLUS to match your taste.
– Direct-Connect Patented Detachable Electrical Connection: Ensures straightforward installation and safety.
– Simple Installation: Upgrade to LED lighting in just 15 minutes without the need for an electrician.
– Extra Safe Low Voltage: Provides peace of mind during operation.
– Designed and Manufactured in Australia: Guarantees top-notch quality and reliability.

Technical Specifications:
– Light Source: Ceramic Light Engine (LED)
– Available Colors: MULTI PLUS, TRi Color, Blue (465nm), White (4000K)
– MULTI PLUS Compatibility: Works seamlessly with various control systems including wall switches and iRIS lighting controllers.
– IP Rating: IPX8
– Installation Types: Suitable for Concrete, Fiberglass, or Vinyl pools
– Voltage: 12~32v AC
– Wattage: 12 watts
– Ambient Operating Temperature: 5 °C to +40 °C
– Warranty: Backed by a 12 Month Manufacturer’s Warranty

Pool Light Replacement Made Easy:
Upgrade your pool lighting effortlessly with the Spa Electrics RETRO Series. Say goodbye to outdated lights and embrace brilliant illumination, stunning colors, and captivating light shows.

Surface Mount Design:
Designed to retrofit the majority of pool lights in the Australian market, the GKRX offers a patented mounting design for effortless installation. Featuring Variable Voltage technology, it’s compatible with a wide range of transformers and pool controllers, including the iRIS remote system.

Explore More with Retro Series:
– RGB + W LED Array: Revel in pristine white illumination and mesmerizing color displays with the latest RGB+White LED array technology.
– iRIS Compatible: Seamlessly control your pool lights with the iRIS lighting controller, adjusting colors and brightness effortlessly.
– Pool Controller Compatible: Effortlessly integrate with major pool control systems for enhanced convenience and functionality.

Upgrade your pool lighting experience with the Spa Electrics RETRO Series. Unveil the simplicity of installation and the brilliance of LED technology today.

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