Olssons Pool Salt – Premium Fine

Introducing Olssons Pool Salt, the premium choice for your swimming pool care. Produced by the Olsson Family, pioneers in solar sea salt since 1948 Olssons pool salt is crafted using the natural “solar evaporation” method. Sourced from the pristine waters of the Great Barrier Reef and the Great Australian Bight, Olssons Pool Salt is free from chemicals, ensuring a pure and natural pool experience. Trust Olssons for crystal clear water that’s gentle on skin and equipment. Dive into the Olsson’s difference today!

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Olssons Pool Salt – Premium Fine

Olssons Pool Salt

Since 1948, the Olsson Family has specialized in crafting solar sea salt, making them the most longstanding family owned sea salt producer in Australia.

Olsson’s employs the “solar evaporation” technique to create its sea salt. This method relies on the sun and wind interacting with seawater in vast ponds. As the water progresses through the ponds, it becomes more concentrated, leading to the formation of salt crystals on the pond’s bottom. These crystals are then gathered, rinsed with seawater, dried, and finally packaged.

The production process strictly avoids any chemical interventions, ensuring the salt remains entirely natural.

Ideal for solar salt production, plants need to be in regions with minimal rainfall and high evaporation rates. Olsson’s benefits uniquely from sourcing seawater from two of the world’s cleanest oceans: the Great Barrier Reef in Port Alma, QLD, and the Great Australian Bight in Whyalla, SA. With the collaboration of pristine Australian water, sunlight, and wind.

Crystalline sea salt (sodium chloride) designed exclusively for swimming pools. Sourced from Australia through solar evaporation, it’s collected and processed following high quality manufacturing standards, adhering to HACCP and SQF Code protocols and validated by BSI. It meets the requirements of Standards 2.10.2 (related to salt and salt products) of the Food Standards Code Australia New Zealand Volume 2.

Crystal is transparent
to white opaque solid.

Chemical Profile
Purity of Sodium Chloride
Insoluble Matter
Min. 99.5%
Max. 0.2%
Max. 0.3%

Country of Origin

Intended Use
Swimming pools

Nutritional Information
Sodium: Max

Grain Size
Texture is fine crystal. This product is sieved
using the following mesh size screens: Lower:
0.0mm; Upper: 0.710mm.
Manual sieve shows a maximum of 10% >

Quality Control Test
Test salt in accordance with HACCP Quality
System Requirements.

Typically 20kg bags.

Non-Genetically Modified
Pacific Salt is not genetically modified-Australia
Food Standards Code, Volume 2, Section 1.5.2.

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