Emaux V1400 – 55inch – Sand Filter With Multiport Valve

Experience unrivaled pool clarity with the Emaux V1400 Pool Filter. Tailored for residential and semi commercial pools, its cutting edge lateral system ensures crystal clear water. Constructed with reinforced fiberglass, it guarantees durability and corrosion resistance. The intuitive 6-way Multiport Valve allows effortless filtration control. With universal union connection, installation is seamless. Trust in the Emaux V1400 for superior filtration performance and pristine pool water.

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Emaux V1400 – 55inch – Sand Filter With Multiport Valve

Emaux V1400 Pool Filter:

Introducing the Emaux V1400 Pool Filter, an epitome of innovation and reliability in the realm of pool maintenance. Crafted to cater to both residential and semi-commercial pools, the V1400 combines advanced technology with exceptional durability to deliver unmatched water clarity and purity.

Advanced Filtration Technology:

At the core of the Emaux V1400 lies a sophisticated filtration system designed to exceed expectations. Equipped with a high-capacity lateral system, the V1400 ensures thorough filtration, effectively capturing and eliminating even the smallest particles from your pool water. Say goodbye to cloudy water and hello to crystal-clear perfection with the Emaux V1400.

Exceptional Durability:

Constructed with precision and durability in mind, the V1400 features a robust tank crafted from bobbin-wound reinforced fiberglass. This innovative construction provides exceptional strength and resistance to corrosion, ensuring a long service life for your filter. No matter the weather or pool conditions, you can trust the Emaux V1400 to stand the test of time.

Effortless Maintenance and Control:

Designed for user convenience, the Emaux V1400 streamlines the maintenance process, making it effortless for pool owners to keep their water pristine. Equipped with a 6-way Clamp/Bolt style Multiport Valve, the V1400 offers intuitive control over filtration settings, allowing for easy adjustment and optimization of performance. Additionally, the universal standard union connection facilitates seamless installation and ensures compatibility with most pool plumbing setups.

Suitable for Pools up to 150,000 Liters:

Pools with a capacity of around 150,000 liters typically include large residential pools, commercial swimming pools, and community pools. These pools experience heavy usage and require robust filtration systems to maintain water clarity and quality. The Emaux V1400 is specifically engineered to meet the demands of such pools, offering superior filtration performance and durability to keep the water pristine and inviting for all swimmers.

Gold Coast Pool Cleaning: Your Trusted Pool Maintenance Partner:

At Gold Coast Pool Cleaning, we understand the importance of selecting the right pool filters at the best price. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing personalized assistance to help you choose the perfect filter to meet your specific needs and budget. With our commitment to affordability and quality, you can trust Gold Coast Pool Cleaning to deliver the best value for your investment. Let us help you enhance your pool experience with the superior filtration performance of the Emaux V1400 Pool Filter.

Emaux Pool Filter V1000 – Series Specifications

– Tank Material: Bobbin-wound Reinforced Fiberglass
– Max Operating Pressure: 36 psi / 2.5 bar
– Max Temperature: 43°C (109°F)
– Equipped with: 6-way Clamp/Bolt style Multiport Valve (1.5”MPV01, 2”MPV02, 2.5”MPV12), Pressure Gauge, and Piping Kit
– Filtration System: Lateral system
– Connection Type: Universal Standard Union Connection
– Suggested Size of Media: 0.5-0.8 mm
– Suitable for Pools up to 150,000 Liters

(2.5 Bar)
(4 Bar)
Model Filter Area (m2) Valve Connections Max Flow Rate Sand needed (kg)
88010101 / V350 0.09 1.5″ / 50mm 72lpm    4.32m3/h 20
88010102 / V400 0.13 1.5″ / 50mm 108lpm    6.48m3/h 35
88010103 / V450 0.16 1.5″ / 50mm 135lpm    8.10m3/h 45
88010104 / V500 0.22 1.5″ / 50mm 185lpm    11.10m3/h 85
88010105 / V650 0.32 1.5″ / 50mm 260lpm    15.60m3/h 145
88010106 / V650(PB) 0.32 2.0″ / 63mm 267lpm    16.00m3/h 145
88010606 / V650(B) 0.32 2.0″ / 63mm 267lpm    16.00m3/h 145
88010107 / V700 0.40 1.5″ / 50mm 325lpm    19.50m3/h 210
88010608 / V700(B) 0.41 2.0″ / 63mm 336lpm    20.16m3/h 215
88010609 / V800 0.50 2.0″ / 63mm 415lpm    24.90m3/h 355
88010610 88015610 V900 0.64 2.0″ / 63mm 520lpm    31.20m3/h 470
88010650 88015650 V900(C) 0.64 2.5″ / 75mm 533lpm    32.00m3/h 470
88010611 88015611 V1000 0.79 2.0″ / 63mm 650lpm    39.00m3/h 620
88010651 88015651 V1000(C) 0.79 2.5″ / 75mm 658lpm    39.50m3/h 620
88010613 88015613 V1200 1.13 2.0″ / 63mm 860lpm    51.60m3/h 860
88010652 88015652 V1200(C) 1.13 2.5″ / 75mm 941lpm    56.50m3/h 860





2.5″ / 75mm

1155lpm    69.30m3/h


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