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Discover Focus Products Clean N Swim, the ultimate solution for maintaining a safe and sanitized swimming pool. Designed to eliminate chloramines buildup, this non chlorine oxidizer ensures efficient chlorine performance for crystal clear water. Easy to use and suitable for various chlorine levels, it’s the perfect addition to your pool maintenance routine. Trust Focus Products for a clean and enjoyable swimming experience.

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Clean N Swim – Focus Products

Introducing Focus Products Clean N Swim, a specialised non chlorine oxidizer designed to eliminate built up chloramines in your pool. This potent formula aids chlorine in working more effectively, ensuring your pool remains sanitized and safe for swimming.

Formulated with Potassium Mono Persulphate, Focus Products Clean N Swim comes in a convenient 500g bag, providing ease of use and precise application.

Experience the benefits of Focus Products Clean N Swim:

– pH reduction: Helps to lower pH levels in your pool, ensuring optimal water balance.
– Combined chlorine removal: Effectively eliminates combined chlorine, enhancing overall water quality.
– Suitable for use with ionizers: Compatible with ionization systems for versatile application.
– Easy to use: Simplifies pool maintenance with straight forward application.
– Compatible with varying chlorine levels: Can be used with both high and low chlorine levels for flexibility.

Utilize Focus Products Clean N Swim to maintain a sanitized and safe swimming environment in your pool.

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