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Tile and Vinyl Cleaner – Focus Products

Introducing Focus Products Focus Tile and Vinyl Cleaner, the ultimate solution for removing scum lines and grime buildup from swimming pools and spas. Formulated with Alkaline Salts as its active constituent, this cleaner ensures effective cleaning without damaging surfaces.

Available in sizes ranging from 750ml to 20lt, Focus Products Tile and Vinyl Cleaner offers versatility and convenience for pool and spa owners of all sizes.

Experience the benefits of Focus Products Tile and Vinyl Cleaner:

– Surface safe cleaning: Effectively removes scum lines and grime without causing damage to pool or spa surfaces.
– Suitable for spas: Designed to be compatible with spa water, making it ideal for use in both pools and spas.
– Easy application: Simple and straight forward to apply, ensuring hassle free cleaning.
– Phosphate free formula: Contains no phosphates, reducing the opportunity for algae growth and helping to maintain a clean pool or spa environment.

Utilize Focus Products Tile and Vinyl Cleaner to keep your pool or spa surfaces clean and free from scum lines and grime buildup.

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