Crystal Clear RP4000 Pool Salt Chlorinator CrystalChlor

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Crystal Clear RP4000 Pool Salt Chlorinator CrystalChlor

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Embark on a journey to pristine pool perfection with the Crystal Clear RP4000 Pool Chlorinator, a beacon of excellence in pool maintenance technology. Crafted for the discerning pool owner, the RP4000 stands as a testament to innovation and reliability, promising crystal clear waters and effortless maintenance for pools to around 80,000 litres.

Operating at a low salt level of 3000-3500ppm, the RP4000 ensures optimal chlorine production while minimising salt consumption. Its advanced features, including the Hard/Soft Switch for high calcium areas, ensure adaptability to various water conditions, guaranteeing consistently superb performance.

Safety is paramount with the Crystal Clear RP4000. With built in protections against over temperature and over current, as well as an isolation transformer design approved to AS3108 standard, peace of mind comes standard.

Featuring premium titanium cell electrodes and silicon controlled rectification, the RP4000 maximises chlorine production efficiency, ensuring pristine water quality and a comfortable swimming experience. The pool chlorinators self cleaning cell electrode, customisable to 6 or 10 hour cycles, minimises maintenance efforts, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your pool.

Choosing the right pool chlorinator can be daunting, but Gold Coast Pool Cleaning is here to help. With expert advice and personalised service, our team will guide you through the selection process, ensuring you choose the perfect chlorinator for your pool’s needs. From installation to ongoing maintenance, our experienced technicians will handle every aspect, leaving you with a sparkling, inviting pool to enjoy year round.

Experience the ultimate in pool sanitation with the Crystal Clear RP4000 Pool Chlorinator. Say goodbye to cloudy water and hello to pristine, crystal clear pools with the help of Gold Coast Pool Cleaning.

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