Madimack inverEclipse Pool Heater

Experience the ultimate pool comfort with the Madimack InverEclipse Pool Heater. Offering versatile cooling and heating capabilities, this advanced system ensures year round enjoyment of your pool. With a full inverter compressor, titanium heat exchanger and top discharge air outlet, it delivers efficient performance and precise temperature control. Its compact design, Wi-Fi connectivity, and eco friendly R32 Refrigerant make it a smart and convenient choice. Built to withstand harsh conditions with a marine grade anti corrosion aluminum alloy casing, the InverEclipse promises durability and reliability. Elevate your pool experience with this state of the art heater, perfect for residential and commercial use alike.

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Madimack inverEclipse Pool Heater

Madimack InverEclipse Pool Heater

Discover the Madimack InverEclipse Pool Heater – a revolutionary solution offering unparalleled versatility for both cooling and heating your pool. Engineered to exceed expectations, this cutting edge series combines innovative technology with advanced features to provide optimal performance and comfort.

Unveiling the features of the InverEclipse Pool Heater:

– Full inverter stepless compressor and fan ensure precise control and efficient operation.
– Titanium heat exchanger with a 25-year warranty guarantees durability and reliability.
– Advanced cold air performance ensures consistent and comfortable pool temperatures.
– Built-in flow switch and safety devices prioritize user safety and peace of mind.
– Extremely energy-efficient with a COP of up to 16, saving you money on energy bills.
– Wi-Fi connectivity comes standard, allowing you to effortlessly control and monitor your pool’s temperature from anywhere.
– Cooling and heating capabilities offer year round enjoyment of your pool, regardless of the weather.
– Top discharge air outlet enhances installation versatility and ensures optimal airflow.
– Marine grade anti corrosion aluminum alloy casing ensures long-term durability, even in harsh environments.
– Utilizes the newest and most eco-friendly R32 Refrigerant, minimizing environmental impact.
– Enables more options to fit in space, thanks to its compact and space saving design.
– Easy-to-use controller simplifies operation and customization to suit your preferences.
– Available in three models, accommodating pools of various sizes, with capacities of up to 26kW in single phase.

Designed and engineered to meet the highest standards for cooling and heating options, the Madimack InverEclipse Pool Heater offers a perfect balance of performance, efficiency, and convenience. Transform your pool into an oasis of comfort and enjoyment, no matter the season, with the InverEclipse by your side.

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