Madimack inverEco Pool Heater

Elevate your pool experience with the Madimack InverEco Pool Heater. Designed for efficiency and ease, its whisper quiet operation and advanced features like low energy and night time modes ensure optimal performance while saving up to 20% on energy costs. With WiFi connectivity, you can effortlessly control your pool’s temperature from anywhere. Encased in anti corrosion ABS casing, it promises durability season after season. Engineered for Australian conditions, it boasts a titanium heat exchanger with a 25 year warranty and operates down to -5°C. Backed by InverMAC Technology, it’s not just a heater; it’s an investment in comfort and sustainability for your pool.

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Madimack inverEco Pool Heater

Madimack InverEco Pool Heater

Discover the Madimack InverEco Pool Heater your premier choice for economical and eco conscious pool heating solutions. Crafted with a focus on efficiency and simplicity, the InverEco offers a whisper quiet operation and unparalleled durability, ensuring your pool remains warm and inviting throughout the seasons.

Its innovative design includes features such as low energy and night time modes, which can boost efficiency by up to 20%, while the standard WiFi connectivity empowers you to effortlessly adjust temperature settings from anywhere. Encased in cutting edge anti corrosion ABS casing, the InverEco guarantees longevity and reliability, regardless of your location. With advanced components including inverter technology, a titanium heat exchanger with a 25 year warranty, and built in safety mechanisms, this pool heater is engineered to excel in Australian conditions.

Its compact footprint and corrosion resistant casing make installation a breeze, even in high salt environments, while the active defrost function ensures optimal performance even in chilly climates down to minus 5°C. Powered by InverMAC Technology, the InverEco delivers energy efficient operation, potentially saving up to 66% compared to traditional heating methods and is compatible with renewable energy sources, aligning with your sustainability goals. Trust Madimack’s decades of expertise and commitment to quality, making the InverEco the ultimate investment for a comfortable, eco friendly, and enjoyable pool experience for years to come.

– Whisper quiet operation
– Long lasting performance
– Low energy and night time modes for increased efficiency (up to 20%)
– WiFi connectivity for remote temperature control
– State of the art anti corrosion ABS casing
– Inverter technology for enhanced energy efficiency
– Titanium heat exchanger with a 25-year warranty
– Front discharge air outlet
– Reverse cycle defrost function
– Built in flow switch and safety devices
– Utilizes the latest eco friendly R32 Refrigerant
– Supports temperatures up to 40 degrees set point
– Designed and engineered for Australian conditions
– Small footprint for installation flexibility
– Corrosion resistant casing suitable for high salt areas
– Active defrost function for operation in cold climates down to -5°C
– Powered by InverMAC Technology for energy savings of up to 66%
– Compatible with renewable energy sources

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