Sunlover Rapid Pro Pool Heater Heat Pump

Elevate your pool experience with the Sunlover Rapid Pro Pool Heater Heat Pump, boasting a remarkable COP of 20 for precise temperature control. Its advanced technology ensures swift heating, reaching desired temperatures 20% faster. Enjoy peace and quiet with its low-speed operation, minimizing noise levels to just 36.6 dB(A) at 1m. Built with premium materials and equipped with state of the art features like built-in WiFi and real time power consumption monitoring, it offers unparalleled convenience. Experience maximum performance and efficiency with its intelligent heating capacity adaptation, maintaining optimal warmth while saving energy. Embrace the future of pool heating with the Sunlover Rapid Pro.

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Sunlover Rapid Pro Pool Heater Heat Pump

Sunlover Rapid Pro Pool Heater Heat Pump

Introducing the Sunlover Rapid Pro Pool Heater Heat Pump, engineered for unparalleled performance and efficiency. With an impressive coefficient of performance (COP) of 20, it precisely controls your pool temperature, adapting to environmental conditions with remarkable precision.

Experience a 20% faster heating rate, operating at a capacity between 100% and 120% to swiftly achieve your desired temperature. Once reached, the Rapid Pro maintains warm water at an average capacity of 30%, ensuring comfort with minimal noise and remarkable energy savings.

Key Features:
– Premium aluminium exterior casing
– State of the art 3D heat exchanger
– Built-in WiFi for convenient remote control
– Next generation controller for seamless operation
– Real time power consumption monitoring

Smart Heat Technology:
– Adaptive heating capacity intelligently maintains pool temperature
– Exceptional efficiency with optimum heating capacity matching

Silence Heat:
– Quiet operation with compressor and fan optimized for low-speed heating, reducing noise levels to approximately 36.6 dB(A) at 1m.

Rapid Heat:
– Achieve your desired pool temperature faster with RapidHeat Technology, operating at up to 120% heating capacity.

Experience the pinnacle of pool heating innovation with the Sunlover Rapid Pro, delivering swift, efficient, and quiet heating for your swimming pleasure.

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