Madimack inverElite Pool Heater

Elevate your pool experience with the Madimack InverELITE V3 Pool Heater. Redefining pool heating, this revolutionary device combines cutting edge inverter technology with whisper quiet operation and unmatched performance. Its sleek design and space saving installation requirements make it perfect for any Australian backyard. Engineered for durability, it thrives in harsh conditions, delivering optimal heating even in corrosive environments. With industry first features like a centrifugal fan and advanced cold air performance, it sets the standard for pool heating solutions. Enjoy intuitive control with the diamond touch screen and WiFi connectivity. Backed by market leading warranties, the InverELITE V3 is the ultimate choice for superior pool heating.

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Madimack inverElite Pool Heater

Madimack InverELITE V3 Pool Heater

Introducing the Madimack InverELITE V3 Pool Heater – Your Ultimate Pool Heating Solution!

Experience pool heating like never before with the Madimack InverELITE V3, reimagined to revolutionize the Australian market. With cutting edge inverter technology, this heater boasts superior airflow, enhanced efficiency, whisper quiet operation, and unmatched performance. Redefining installation standards, it demands just 100mm from the back and 300mm from the side, offering space saving solutions for Australian backyards.

Enjoy intuitive control with the signature diamond touch screen and WiFi connectivity for smart functions. Plus, rest assured with a market leading 10 year compressor warranty and eco-friendly R32 Refrigerant.

The Madimack InverELITE V3 isn’t just a heater its a game changer in the pool industry. With industry first features like a centrifugal fan and advanced cold air performance, it sets a new benchmark for pool heating solutions. Experience the quietest operation with patented sound attenuation technology, ensuring a serene poolside environment.

Diamond Active Innovation brings a user friendly interface, while Centri Flow Performance, driven by a commercial grade fan, ensures optimal efficiency. Achieving a COP of 16.4, the InverELITE V3 leads the market in energy efficiency.

With its unique side ventilation system and market leading warranties 25 years on titanium heat exchanger, 10 years on compressor, and 5 years on all parts the Madimack InverELITE V3 is more than just a pool heater; it’s a promise of comfort, reliability, and innovation. Upgrade your pool experience today with Madimack’s premier pool heating solution.

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