Sunlover iX SERIES Rapid Heat Pool Heater

Experience the pinnacle of pool heating innovation with the Sunlover iX SERIES Rapid Heat Pool Heater. Seamlessly integrating with your PV Solar Power System, this advanced heater maximizes savings by harnessing surplus energy. Leading the industry with intelligent controller technology, it dynamically adjusts capacity to optimize energy usage. Enjoy intuitive control with a large touch display and WiFi connectivity for remote management. Crafted with eco-friendly materials, it ensures sustainability without compromising performance. With customizable operating modes and rapid heating capabilities, it delivers unmatched comfort and efficiency. Elevate your pool experience with Sunlover iX SERIES and embrace a new era of energy efficient heating.

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Sunlover iX SERIES Rapid Heat Pool Heater

Sunlover iX SERIES Rapid Heat Pool Heater

Introducing the Sunlover iX SERIES: Advanced Pool Heating Innovation

Elevate your pool experience with the Sunlover iX SERIES Rapid Heat Pool Heater. Designed to seamlessly integrate with your PV Solar Power System, this cutting edge pool heater promises unmatched efficiency and savings.

Pioneering the pool heat pump industry in Australia, our intelligent controller dynamically adjusts the heat pump’s capacity, harnessing surplus energy from your PV system to maximize savings.

Equipped with up to four customizable PV Ready operating modes, the Sunlover iX SERIES offers unparalleled adaptability, granting you complete control over your home’s energy consumption.

Key Features:

1. WiFi Connectivity – Opt for the optional WiFi upgrade and take full command of your pool’s temperature from anywhere.

2. Unrivaled Efficiency – Enjoy up to 30% higher efficiency compared to standard heat pumps, reducing energy costs without compromising performance.

3. Intuitive Touch Display – Easily manage your pools temperature and schedules with the large 3.5” LCD touch screen controller.

4. Environmentally Friendly – Utilizing eco-friendly R32 refrigerant with significantly lower Global Warming Potential, our pool heater promotes sustainability without sacrificing effectiveness.

5. Style and Durability – Crafted with the latest UV-resistant technology, our pool heater ensures a stunning appearance and long-lasting performance.

6. Seamless Integration – Instead of exporting excess energy to the grid, utilize it efficiently to heat your pool, maximizing utility and savings.

Advanced Features:

– Smart Programming for Express Heating: Our innovative RAPIDHEAT software delivers rapid heating of your pool water, automatically transitioning to energy saving mode once the desired temperature is reached.

– Customizable Operating Modes: Tailor your heating preferences with user-programmable settings, optimizing energy usage based on your unique needs and conditions.

– Tariff Timers: Capitalize on off peak energy tariffs by scheduling your heater’s operation, ensuring cost-effective heating throughout the day.

– Gold Fin Condenser Coils: Engineered with anti corrosive golden hydrophilic coated condenser coils, our pool heater guarantees exceptional resistance to corrosion and extended longevity.

Performance Data:

– Efficient Heating: Achieve heating capacities ranging from 1.6 kW to 36 kW, ensuring optimal comfort regardless of weather conditions.

– Power Consumption: Consumed power ranges from 0.11 kW to 5.4 kW, maximizing energy savings without compromising performance.

– COP (Coefficient of Performance): Benefit from COP values ranging from 14.2 to 16.8, reflecting outstanding energy efficiency across all operating conditions.

With the Sunlover iX SERIES, enjoy unparalleled comfort, efficiency, and savings for your pool heating needs. Experience the future of pool heating today!

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