Crystal Clear Chlorinator: RP2000 – RP25 – RP3000 – RP35 – RP4000

Discover Crystal Clear Chlorinators (Crystal Chlor), from the compact RP2000 to the high capacity RP4000, each unit is meticulously engineered for efficiency and reliability. Utilising cutting edge electrolysis technology, Crystal Clear Chlorinators effortlessly convert ordinary salt into chlorine, ensuring pristine water quality. Versatile and use -friendly, these chlorinators cater to pools of all sizes, delivering consistent sanitation levels with precision. Experience superior performance and hassle free maintenance with Crystal Clear Chlorinators, the trusted choice for discerning pool owners.

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Crystal Clear Chlorinator: RP2000 – RP25 – RP3000 – RP35 – RP4000

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Crystal Clear Salt Water Pool Chlorinators – Crystal Chlor

Discovering the Superiority of Crystal Clear Chlorinator Series (Crystal Chlor): An In depth Look at RP2000, RP2500, RP3000, RP3500, and RP4000

Crystal Clear, a leading name in pool sanitation, presents its Chlorinator Series, featuring a lineup of state of the art units designed to elevate pool maintenance to new heights. From the compact RP2000 to the high capacity RP4000, each model is meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled performance, efficiency, and reliability.

Elevate your pool experience with Crystal Clear Chlorinators, crafted by Crystal Aquatic Systems right here on the Gold Coast. Designed in Australia, these chlorinators boast a range of sizes from 20 to 50g/hr, catering to pools of all sizes. Operating at a low salt level of 3000-3500ppm, they feature a Hard/Soft Switch for areas with high calcium content, ensuring optimal performance. With built in protections against over temperature and current, including an isolation transformer design approved to AS3108 standard, safety is paramount. Enjoy peace of mind with reliable quality, backed by a 5 Year Pro Rata Warranty on the cell electrode and a 2 Year Full Warranty on the power pack. Easy to install and featuring premium grade titanium cell electrodes, Crystal Clear Chlorinators deliver high efficiency chlorine production, making them ideal for domestic installations. With features like self cleaning cell electrodes, acrylic weather shields and superior heat sinking, Crystal Clear Chlorinators are the pinnacle of pool sanitation technology.

Crystal Clear Chlorinator RP2000: Precision in a Compact Package

The Crystal Clear RP2000 suitable for pools up to 50,000 Litres, stands as the epitome of efficiency and precision in a compact form factor. Engineered for small to medium sized pools, this chlorinator utilizes advanced electrolysis technology to seamlessly convert ordinary salt into chlorine, ensuring consistent sanitation levels. With its intuitive controls and user friendly interface, maintaining optimal chlorine levels has never been easier. The RP2000 is the ideal choice for pool owners seeking reliable performance in a space saving design.

Crystal Clear Chlorinator RP2500: Versatility Meets Performance

Versatility meets performance in the Crystal Clear RP2500, catering to a wide range of pool sizes and configurations. This chlorinator suitable for pools up to 60,000 Litres, boasts enhanced chlorine production capabilities and adjustable settings to accommodate varying pool demands. Equipped with advanced water flow sensors and intelligent control algorithms, the RP2500 optimizes chlorine output based on real time water conditions, ensuring maximum effectiveness with minimal waste. Its durable construction and corrosion resistant materials ensure long term durability and performance.

Crystal Clear Chlorinator RP3000: Powerhouse of Efficiency

The Crystal Clear RP3000 emerges as a powerhouse of efficiency, designed for medium to large pools up to around 70000 litres with uncompromising sanitation needs. Featuring advanced chlorine production technology and customisable settings, this chlorinator delivers consistent and reliable performance in diverse pool environments. Its robust construction and intelligent monitoring systems make it the perfect choice for residential complexes, resorts and aquatic centers seeking superior water quality and hassle free maintenance.

Crystal Clear Chlorinator RP3500: Precision Engineering for Peak Performance

Precision engineering meets peak performance in the RP3500, offering advanced features and cutting edge technology to meet the demands of large scale pool systems around 80000 litres. This chlorinator boasts high capacity chlorine production capabilities and intelligent control options to ensure optimal sanitation levels in even the most challenging environments. With its durable construction and industry leading reliability, the RP3500 is the preferred choice for commercial pools, water parks and recreational facilities.

Crystal Clear Chlorinator RP4000: Unrivaled Sanitation for Industrial Scale Applications

At the apex of the Crystal Clear Chlorinator series lies the RP4000, an industrial grade unit engineered for the most demanding pool applications around the 80000 litre mark. Designed to withstand heavy usage and extreme conditions, this chlorinator offers unmatched reliability and performance in large scale aquatic facilities, larger sized pools, and small water parks. With its unparalleled chlorine production capabilities and advanced monitoring systems, the Crystal Clear RP4000 ensures pristine water quality and a safe swimming experience for all.

Key Differences Between Models

While all models in the Crystal Clear Chlorinator series share the same commitment to excellence, there are distinct differences based on pool size, capacity, and application:

Size and Capacity: Models such as the RP2000 and RP2500 are tailored for smaller to medium sized pools, while the RP3000, RP3500, and RP4000 are suited for larger and more demanding environments.
Chlorine Production: Higher capacity models like the RP3000, RP3500, and RP4000 offer increased chlorine production capabilities to accommodate larger pool volumes and higher bather loads.
Control Features: Advanced models such as the RP3000, RP3500, and RP4000 may feature additional control options, monitoring systems, and intelligent algorithms for enhanced customization and precision.

In conclusion, the Crystal Clear Chlorinator Series offers a comprehensive range of units to suit every pool size and application, from compact residential pools to industrial scale installations. With their advanced features, reliable performance, and user friendly operation, Crystal Clear Chlorinators provide the ultimate solution for maintaining clean, safe, and inviting swimming environments.

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