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Stabilised Pool Tablets – Focus Products

Focus Products Stabilised Pool Tablets

Introducing Focus Products Stabilised Pool Tablets, the essential solution for maintaining pristine pool water. Whether used with a floater or automatic feeder, these tablets provide controlled chlorine release, simplifying monitoring of chlorine levels. With Focus Pool Tablets, rest assured your pool water remains clear, as the added stabilizer preserves chlorine residual against UV rays.

Formulated with Trichloroisocyanuric Acid at 89% available chlorine and a pH of 2.9, these tablets come in sizes ranging from 1kg to 50kg, offering versatility to suit pools of all sizes.

Experience the benefits of Focus Products Stabilised Pool Tablets:

– Added sunscreen: Provides UV protection for enhanced longevity.
– Slow erosion: Ideal for holiday maintenance or supplementing salt chlorination systems.
– Low pH: Reduces the need for Hydrochloric Acid, simplifying maintenance.
– Easy to use: User friendly application for hassle free pool maintenance.
– Economical: Offers cost effective pool sanitation without compromising on quality.
– Residue free: Ensures water clarity with no residue buildup.

Utilize Focus Products Stabilised Pool Tablets for effortless pool maintenance and crystal clear water all season long.

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