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Welcome to Gold Coast Pool Cleaning, your go to destination for high quality pool maintenance and equipment on the Gold Coast. We specialise in providing thw best products and services to ensure your pool remains in pristine condition. Featuring the RP3000 Pool Chlorinator, we offer professional installation and comprehensive maintenance services to meet all your pool care needs.

Discover the RP3000 Pool Chlorinator

The RP3000 Pool Chlorinator is the ideal solution for pool owners seeking reliable and efficient chlorination. With advanced technology and user-friendly features, the RP3000 ensures your pool water remains crystal clear and safe.

Key Benefits of the RP3000

1. High Chlorine Output: Delivers 30 grams of chlorine per hour, ensuring effective and consistent chlorination.
2. User Friendly Design: Equipped with an advanced digital display and intuitive controls for easy operation.
3. Durable Construction: Built with high quality materials to withstand harsh conditions and provide long lasting performance.
4. Energy Efficiency: Engineered to reduce operational costs while maintaining optimal water quality.
5. Self Cleaning Function: Features an enhanced automatic self cleaning function to minimize maintenance.

Technical Specifications of the RP3000 Crystal Clear Pool Chlorinator

– Chlorine Output: 30 grams per hour
– Pool Size: Suitable for pools up to 75,000 liters
– Power Supply: 220-240V, 50Hz
– Cell Life: Approximately 10,000 hours
– Control Panel: Advanced digital display with user-friendly controls
– Self-Cleaning: Enhanced automatic self cleaning function
– Safety Features: Low salt and water flow indicators, high temperature cut-off

Our Services

– Professional Installation: Our experienced technicians will expertly install your RP3000 Pool Chlorinator, ensuring it operates at peak efficiency.
– Comprehensive Maintenance: We offer regular maintenance services to keep your RP3000 running smoothly, extending its lifespan and ensuring your pool water remains crystal clear.
– Quality Equipment Supply: Our Gold Coast pool shop stocks the RP3000 Crystal Clear Pool Chlorinator and other essential pool equipment, providing everything you need for superior pool care.

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