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Discover Focus Products Liquid Chlorine, the ultimate solution for daily pool sanitation. With Sodium Hypochlorite as its active constituent, this liquid chlorine ensures swift and effective sanitization while being compatible with salt chlorination systems. Available in various sizes, it dissolves instantly, leaving no residue behind. Trust Focus Products for clear, clean pool water every time.

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Liquid Chlorine – Focus Products

Focus Products Liquid Chlorine

Introducing Focus Products Liquid Chlorine, the essential solution for daily pool sanitation. Crafted with Sodium Hypochlorite, this liquid pool chlorine ensures your pool water remains clean and safe for swimming every day. Derived from salt, it is perfectly compatible with salt chlorination systems, offering seamless integration into your pool maintenance routine.

Available in various sizes including 5lt, 15lt, and 20lt, Focus Products Liquid Chlorine offers instant solubility for quick and effective sanitation. Its economical nature ensures value for money, while its residue free formula leaves your pool water crystal clear.

Experience the benefits of Focus Products Liquid Chlorine:

– Instant solubility: Easily dissolves for immediate action, ensuring swift sanitation of your pool water.
– Economical: Provides cost effective pool maintenance without compromising on quality.
– Residue free: Leaves no residue behind, maintaining the clarity and purity of your pool water.
– Salt compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly with salt chlorination systems, offering compatibility and convenience.

Utilize Focus Products Liquid Chlorine for pristine pool water that’s always ready for a refreshing swim.

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