pHix – Focus Products

Discover Focus Products pHix, the convenient solution for balancing the pH of your pool. These compressed tablets contain Sodium Bisulphate and clarifiers, ensuring powerful single dose treatment without any unpleasant fumes or spills. With pHix, maintaining crystal clear water has never been easier.

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pHix – Focus Products

Introducing Focus Products pHix, an innovative solution for pH balancing in your swimming pool. These compressed tablets consist of Sodium Bisulphate and added clarifiers, providing a powerful single dose treatment. Simply add them directly into your pool’s skimmer for hassle free application without any unpleasant fumes or potential spills.

Available in sizes ranging from 500g tablets to 25kg, Focus Products pHix ensures versatility and convenience for pool owners of all sizes.

Experience the benefits of Focus Products’ pHix:

– Powerful single dose: Each tablet delivers potent pH balancing action, ensuring effective results with minimal effort.
– Maintains crystal clear water: Formulated with added clarifiers, pHix helps keep your pool water sparkling and clear.

Utilize Focus Products pHix to effortlessly balance the pH of your pool and maintain its crystal clear water.

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